Video Messages

Jacqueline Hannah, expert in starting and developing food co-ops, and representative of Food Co-op Initiative, visited Racine recently and met with member-owners of Wild Root Market. These videos show parts of an interview with Jacqueline. She has been involved with many co-op startups and she told us that from the very beginning of our Wild Root Market co-op development we have been doing things right. You can visit our newly-created Youtube page to watch these videos.


Here is a short video story about growing good food at Hazzard Free Farm in Pecatonica, Illinois near Rockford.


New food co-ops who opened their doors in 2015.


2014 Annual Business Meeting of Owners (April 14, 2014). If you were unable to attend the 2014 meeting, this video will bring you completely up-to-date. (Note that this video may not start at the beginning — you can use your cursor to move the progress indicator to the starting point.)

Owner Comments Following 2014 Annual Business Meeting (April 14, 2014) Hear the positive things some of our Member-Owners had to say after attending the annual meeting.


Positively Racine – Wild Root Market (May, 2014) Heidi Fannin, from Eat Right Racine and Body Wellness by Heidi, interviews Wild Root Market board President, Margie Michicich and Vice President, Marcia Buhler about what’s happening with the co-op!


Testimonials (3 minutes): Hear for yourself why your friends, neighbors and colleagues have chosen to join Wild Root Market!


CAR25 Video (32 minutes): Board Members Heidi Fannin and Colleen Wilkinson discuss the advantages of co-ops and our efforts to bring Wild Root Market to Racine. (Originally taped by and for CAR25, Racine’s Public Access TV Channel.)


October 2012 Message (18 minutes): Hear from Board Members Jim Chambers, Erik Hokanson and Colleen Wilkinson about our site selection process, financial plans and ownership growth goals.