Meet our Member-Owners!

We take your privacy very seriously. If you are a Founding Owner and do not see your name listed here, it likely means we did not receive affirmative word from you that we could publish your name. If you contact us and specify your wish to have your name published, we’d be delighted to make that update.

A co-op exists for its members, who are also its Owners, so it can’t exist without them.

Founding Owners

Our initial ownership campaign began in August 2011 and garnered an unprecedented response from Racine and the surrounding area. A total of 242 membership shares were purchased during that first month. These individuals helped fund a market study without any guarantee of a return on their investment, truly making them our Founding Owners!

Pioneering Owners

The special distinction of Pioneering Owner is reserved for anyone who buys shares before the doors of our store are open. We believe an early investment which provides no tangible benefit to the Member-Owner (but a great benefit to the co-op and its community) is a selfless act deserving of special mention.