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August 9, 2017: Message from our Outreach Coordinator; Owner Loan Campaign; Upcoming Events; Coffee With the Co-op.


July 14, 2017:500 Walton Ave Approved by City, and What’s Next; Owner Loan Campaign; Novel Noshes; New Outreach Coordinator; New Board Member; Coffee With the Co-op; WRM at Animal Crackers Concert Series; and More.


June 13, 2017: 500 Walton Ave Update; Owner Loan Campaign; Novel Noshes; GM Search; and Coffee With the Co-op.


May 22, 2017: 500 Walton Ave update; New Owner Campaign; Help Wanted; Novel Noshes; Coffee With the Co-op; and More.


May 8, 2017: 2017 Annual Meeting; Online Voting; 500 Walton Avenue


March 9, 2017: Lots going on!; Up And Coming Co-op Conference; Annual Meeting May 8; Coffee With The Co-op on March 15 and April 5; Board Elections; Novel Noshes; and More


December 10, 2016: Board Report; Novel Noshes New Date 9 Feb; New WRM Owner Logo Download; and More


November 10, 2016: Board Report; New Board Member; Help Wanted – Outreach Coordinator; Visioning  a Greater Racine; and More


September 28, 2016: Board Report; Help Wanted – Outreach Coordinator; Coffee With The Co-op; Meet the Co-op In The Garden; and More


August 31, 2016: Board Report; Owner Loans; WRM is more than just an awesome grocery store; and More


July 21, 2016: Board Report; Novel Noshes 11 August; Green Team Meet-up 23 July; and more 


June 14, 2016: Novel Noshes 16 June; Board Report; Green Team Meet-up; Cooking Class; and More


May 16, 2016: Board Report; New Board Member; Spring Potluck Dinner; Membership Drive; We Were Awarded $10k Seed Grant; And More


April 13, 2016: Board of Directors Report; BoD Election, Vote Online; Membership Drive – Each One, Reach One; Spring Potluck Dinner; WRM Urban Garden Green Team; And More


March 16, 2016: Board of Directors Activity; Consider Serving on BoD; Online Voting; Annual Meeting; Community Gardeners; Food $ense; Eco Fest; And More


February 24, 2016: Member-Owner Spotlight; Volunteer Co-operation; Community Gardeners Wanted; Save the Dates; And More


January 21, 2016: Mission Visioning Session; Site Update; Membership Update; Meet New Board Members; Upcoming Events; And More


October 13, 2015: October is Co-op Month; Site Update; New Owner Challenge; Meet The Co-op Events; Member-Owner Spotlight; And More


September 23, 2015: WRM on Youtube; Site Update; Co-op Capital; Member-Owner Spotlight; How You Can Help; And More


August 10, 2015: WRM Co-op gathering; More Directors needed; New Volunteers & Volunteer opportunities; Recipe from Chef Christian


June 18, 2015: Site Selection Update; Member-Owner survey; Host a Garden House Party


February 9, 2015: Site Selection Process Update; Leadership Recruitment; Annual Meeting; Greening Greater Racine


December 17, 2014: Committee Seeking New Board Members; New Board Member, Alice; Give WRM Memberships as Gifts; Use Social Media to Spread the Word About WRM Co-op


October 24, 2014: Community Open House; Member Rally; Winter Farmers Market; Site Update


August 4, 2014: Site Search Update; House Party Challenge; Coop conference report; more


June 8, 2014: Offer to Purchase Grove Avenue Site Unsuccessful


May 15, 2014: Board elects new officers; progress update; membership milestone


April 7, 2014: REMINDER: 2014 Annual Owners’ Meeting, April 14th


February 26, 2014: Mark Your Calendar for the Annual Owner’s Meeting on April 14th


February 3, 2014: Needed: General Manager


January 20, 2014: Lots to Share: Member Loans, Community Events, Corporate Partner Spotlight


December 18, 2013: The Big News We Have All Been Waiting For!


November 21, 2013: Another Big Step: Wild Root Market Hires Project Manager


October 9, 2013: Fall Update: Happy Anniversary!


July 1, 2013: Wild Root Market Summer Happenings


May 29, 2013: Annual Meeting Recap: Let’s Do This!


March 5, 2013: Owner’s Meeting Heads Up**


March 29, 2013: Cooperating on Many Levels


January 10, 2013: New Year 2013


November 23, 2012: CSK Study


October 22, 2012: 8 More Days


October 2, 2012: The Next Phase: Video Chat With Board Members


June, 29, 2012: Field Trip!


May 24, 2012:   Understanding a Co-Op’s Ongoing Need for New Owners 


May 12, 2012:   Timeline Announced! New Website, Too!


 Apr 17, 2012:     Friday Nights at envi


 Mar 9, 2012:      Milestones from Wild Root Market


 Dec 15, 2011:   Happy Holidays


 Nov 17, 2011:   Owner Potluck a Success


 Sep 22, 2011:   Guess How Many Founding Owners?


 Aug 29, 2011:   End of Founding Owners Campaign:  3….2….1….


 Aug 17, 2011:   Founding Owners Campaign:  Two Weeks In!


 Aug 02, 2011:   Founding Owner Campaign Announcement


 Jul 29, 2011:     Update July 2011


 Feb 23, 2011:   Meet the Wild Root Market Steering Committee