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Cooperation Benefits All Parties


Partnering with Wild Root Market has both near and far term benefits. Partnering with Wild Root Market brings immediate visibility and prominence to your corporation locally and nationwide.  It emphasizes your commitment to the health of your employees and the quality of their community.  Down the road, a Wild Root Market Corporate Partner may have priority access to our Education Services for the benefit of their employees and their corporation as a whole.

What is a Food Co-op?
Consumer cooperatives are businesses owned by consumers; operated according to a set of established values; directed by a board elected from and by the full membership; and open to the general public. Food co-ops specialize in providing natural, organic and other specialty foods produced and raised in sustainable and ethical ways, sourcing from local farmers and producers as much as possible and are always community-initiated developments.

What is a Corporate Partner?

Wild Root Market envisions a community where cooperation is unleashed for the greater good. To achieve this, we have designed a Corporate Partnership program to empower and leverage the assets unique to our own community.

§  Corporate partners may join Wild Root Market as Member-Owners.

§  Corporate partners may use their energy and talents to support Wild Root Market during the planning and implementation stages of business development. Specific contributions may include in-kind administrative support, business analysis or consultation, or subject area expertise.

§  Corporate partners promote member-ownership in the food co-op amongst employees in what ever ways they deem appropriate.

§  Corporate Partners may participate in Wild Root Market’s Member Loan Campaign to provide vital financial support for a community-initiated development in a way that demonstrates your corporation’s benevolence and goodwill without permanent financial sacrifice.

§  Corporate Partners explore areas of collaboration or cooperation with Wild Root Market in an ongoing conversation.


Healthier employees = lower insurance costs.


Healthier employees = more productive employees.


Lead by example and purchase a corporate membership today.