People become members of co-ops for several different reasons, but high among them is that they believe in the mission of the business and the good it serves in the community. Since it’s we Member-Owners who provide a good portion of the capital for the start-up and operations of the co-op, the more folks we have, the quicker we’ll have a brick and mortar store to enjoy right here in our community. Join us today!


Examples of additional, more tangible benefits may include:


  • Member-Owner sales specials

  • Case and bulk discounts

  • Check cashing or modest line of credit privileges

  • Co-op publications

  • Patronage rebates

  • Workshop discounts

  • Nutritional counseling


Member-Owner Protocols


1. A Member-Owner is defined as (a) a single individual, 18 years or older; or (b) a business entity (e.g., corporation, partnership, llc, sole proprietorship).


(a) Individual member-ownership: Up to two additional adult family members may enjoy membership privileges in addition to the named Individual Member-Owner, including a spouse/partner, parent and adult child residing with the named Individual Member-Owner. Non-Member-Owner family members must show proof of matching residence to the official Member-Owner address on record.


(b) Business member-ownership: Those who may enjoy membership privileges in addition to the named Business Member-Owner includes up to two (2) employees of the business. Non-Member-Owners must show proof of employment by the business such as a business card or be specifically designated by the Business Member-Owner as such.


2. A Member-Owner’s membership (whether Individual or Business) may be terminated by the Board of Directors at their discretion if the Board determines that a Member-Owner has intentionally or repeatedly violated any of the stated Member-Owner protocols or by-laws, as amended from time to time.


Member-Owner Participation


1. Participate in our quarterly Member-Owner Potlucks and the Annual Meeting. Actively support the co-op with your talents, ideas, expertise and vocal and visible support.


2. Take Part in the Co-Op’s Governance: Member-Owners democratically participate in the co-op by attending meetings, voting in elections, holding office and joining committees. You must be a Member-Owner to run for elected board positions.


3. Understand Cooperative Principles and Business Needs: Our principles define us as a unique business and inform our core values and business practices that emphasize service to Member-Owners and to the greater community. But we can’t do this at the expense of positive economic returns. Since the number one benefit that a co-op member receives is, in fact, the co-op itself, we have a responsibility to make sure that the business is run sustainably and can exist into the future.


4. Promote the Co-Op and the Idea of Membership: Like any well run business, we want to continue to grow our base of shoppers and Member-Owners. To that end, allow Wild Root Market to use your name by “Opting In” our Privacy Policy. When we can rely on one another to promote the co-op, we can save thousands of dollars in outside advertising costs.


5. Shop the Co-Op: When the store is open, making the co-op your primary grocery store helps build a stronger business and a stronger local economy.


6. Most importantly…spread the word! Building our membership base is the best and fastest way to ensure we open our doors as soon as possible. We ask each of our Member-Owners to actively recruit more folks interested in shepherding Wild Root Market from vision to reality. Regardless of where the co-op will eventually be located, it will be good for the Racine/Kenosha communities and surrounding areas by providing jobs and fresh, healthy foods and products, many of them locally or regionally sourced.


How Can You Help?


1. Personally ask your family, friends, colleagues and those within your other circles to join. Remember, your payment can be made in $50/quarter installments. A personal “ask” is sometimes all that’s needed. Let them know why you joined and why a fresh food, co-operatively owned grocery store is important to you.


2. Buy a membership share as a gift. What better way to show your love or appreciation than by giving the gift of a pathway to improved health and a stronger, more sustainable local food system?


3. Encourage your employer to buy membership shares as employee recognition gifts for service, performance or other acknowledgement milestones.


4. Invite Wild Root Market to speak at a group function at your school, your community organization, your workplace, etc.


5. Offer to host a House Party. They’re easy. They’re fun. And we provide great resources for hosting, planning and executing your event:  House Party Guide