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The cost of a Wild Root Market Cooperative membership share is $200.00.  Your membership share pays directly for the expenses and costs associated with the start-up of this small business.  We applaud your selfless act of joining the co-op before you yourself are able to realize any personal benefit.  The full share price helps us out immediately to pay pre-construction and renovation expenses – and helps the project run smoothly and on time.  Membership shares can be paid in full ($200) or in four (4) quarterly installments of $50.00 over one year.

For those who have been wanting to join the co-op but have not been able to because of financial considerations, we have established a third option: eight (8) quarterly installments payable over TWO (2) years.  Because we are a small business in the capitalization phase of our start-up  we ask you to make this choice only when you would otherwise be unable to join.

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